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Dear Sir Andrew, I first got to know you as my Dean where I was continuously amazed by your generousity, youthfulness, compassion and relatibility. You welcomed our brand new MiM class with open arms and made us feel so passionate about being where we were, giving us a sense of belonging. You were always around, approachable (even just by pouring drinks at sundowners) and truly embodied the school's spirit at fun and serious events alike. You have inspired me and countless other students and we all have nothing but the fondest memories and deepest regard for you and the School. Wishing you all the success and happiness in the future. Thank you for everything you have done and stood for.
Natasha Jain
Dear Andrew,

Thank you for your commitment, approachability and freshness you brought to the School.

All the best on the next step of your journey.
Jan Polak
Irrepressibly good memories of Management Accounting as taught by you - quite remarkable! I think it was the people aspects & implications of good management accounting that engaged me; maybe with your flair, it was also a little easier to understand than Financial Accounting (though I did have a soft spot for Walter R!)

Thank you and Meira for all and everything you have done in helping LBS to its present stature & confidence.

Best wishes
Sarah Philbrick
Dear Andrew,
I'll never forget when I first joined asking my colleague about you and being astonished at the vehemence with which she replied "I LOVE him!" - it didn't take me long to work out why. My favourite memories:- The emphatic knife waving at Winter Celebration- Singing carols and chatting about choirs- Your orientation story about someone asking "who are you?" when you asked for any questions- You stopping to take a photo of my team on the lawn because we "looked so happy"You've brought such humour and warmth to the School, especially to School meetings. Thank you for your support of both formal initiatives like orientation (I don't think you've missed one!) and informal ones like the School choir. And, if you are free at Christmas, we're always looking for new basses!
Kate Nicholroy
Dear Andrew,

It has been a privilege and a pleasure working with you, and under your leadership. Thank you for being approachable, dedicated and enthusiastic. You bring charisma and unrivaled infectious energy to every occasion.

Very best wishes for the future.

Thank you

Stuart McLean
Many thanks for all you've done for the School Andrew! Personally thanks for the time you made available to the IAC, receptions at your lovely residence, and constant support. And thanks on behalf of past and future students for the legacy you've created - you leave the School's financial security and campus totally changed. And finally thanks for putting up my gentle ribbing at our occasional Dean's intereviews at events over the past couple of years with your indefatigable good humour. Its au revoir not goodbye and look forward to continuing to see you soon at School!
Hugh Wood
Dear Andrew

What an amazing journey you've led us on!

You have been our biggest and most enthusiastic supporter in Advancement, and that has had a huge impact on our ability to achieve what we have over the last five years. I feel incredibly proud and lucky to have played a small part in this.

Thank you for your leadership, your wisdom, your positivity, and your belief in our work. I have learnt an awful lot under your guidance (from LTCF to ROI) and your willingness and patience to work with anyone and everyone from across the School has been a real inspiration to me.

I wish you and Meira all the very best for the future.
Katherine Muller

I have so many happy thoughts of working with you, from the wonderful way you engage with people on the big stage to our personal one-one interactions. I have learnt a lot in my time working with you which was always a key decision in joining LBS. I am thankful you have been there to guide and share your wisdom with me.

I know your passion for your research is strong and your future students will love learning with and from you just as I have as one of your team

Thanks also to you Meira as you have been so very welcoming to me since I started whenever we have met and I know how committed you have been to our School’s success.

Enjoy the next stage of your journey.


Tariq Ahmed
Dear Andrew

It has been a privilege to have been taught by you and to have been actively involved at LBS while you have been Dean. Your enthusiasm is contagious and your charm is disarming. It is certainly no accident that LBS has achieved so much under your leadership. We are so happy that you will stay involved and look forward to your research and talks on Judgement.

Warmest wishes
Vimmi and Amrit Singh
MBA2000 and MBA1999
I will miss a lot my fellow Tattoo judge!!!! Love you Andrew!! Tahoun
Ahmed Tahoun