Messages for Andrew and Meira

In Andrew’s last year as Dean, the LBS community shared messages of thanks and best wishes, memories of being taught by Andrew and moments from his deanship.

Dear Andrew

What an amazing journey you've led us on!

You have been our biggest and most enthusiastic supporter in Advancement, and that has had a huge impact on our ability to achieve what we have over the last five years. I feel incredibly proud and lucky to have played a small part in this.

Thank you for your leadership, your wisdom, your positivity, and your belief in our work. I have learnt an awful lot under your guidance (from LTCF to ROI) and your willingness and patience to work with anyone and everyone from across the School has been a real inspiration to me.

I wish you and Meira all the very best for the future.
Katherine Muller

I have so many happy thoughts of working with you, from the wonderful way you engage with people on the big stage to our personal one-one interactions. I have learnt a lot in my time working with you which was always a key decision in joining LBS. I am thankful you have been there to guide and share your wisdom with me.

I know your passion for your research is strong and your future students will love learning with and from you just as I have as one of your team

Thanks also to you Meira as you have been so very welcoming to me since I started whenever we have met and I know how committed you have been to our School’s success.

Enjoy the next stage of your journey.


Tariq Ahmed
Dear Andrew

It has been a privilege to have been taught by you and to have been actively involved at LBS while you have been Dean. Your enthusiasm is contagious and your charm is disarming. It is certainly no accident that LBS has achieved so much under your leadership. We are so happy that you will stay involved and look forward to your research and talks on Judgement.

Warmest wishes
Vimmi and Amrit Singh
MBA2000 and MBA1999
I will miss a lot my fellow Tattoo judge!!!! Love you Andrew!! Tahoun
Ahmed Tahoun
Dear Andrew,

It has been a true privilege, and an honor, to have you as the Dean of LBS. Since I joined the school back in 2009, you have been a true inspiration, a great motivator, an insightful and astute leader, and a visionary steward for the school.

Thank you for everything, and especially everything you have done to support research at the school, to build a sense of community, and to promote the ideas of sustainability and social responsibility both internally and externally.

I really look forward to the next stage, and to working with you on the Managing Responsibly course, and not only!

Warm wishes,

Ioannis Ioannou
Dear Andrew

We appreciate your exemplary service to the school. We are thankful for your transformative leadership. We look forward to your arrival back in the hallway.

With our warmest regards,
The Accounting Subject Area
The Accounting Subject Area
Who would have guessed, in 2009, at the start of this journey, we would have acquired a new lease for Sussex Place; the Old Marylebone Town Hall; the RCOG and (fingers crossed) the pub! We have taken the School from c. 225,000 sq ft to c. 350,000 sq ft which is (for the accountants) a massive growth of over 50%.On top of that, our endowments and reserves have also grown from c. £20m to nearly c. £100m and that’s not including the borrowings of £35m. We are now proudly looking ahead to opening our new teaching centre in August, ready for growth, with a robust and sustainable financial model. We could not have done this without you - your vision, your leadership, your courage and your enthusiasm. It’s been a lot of fun too!
All the best to you and Meira. Thank you for everything.
Catherine Webster
Dear Andrew and Meira,

Thank you so much for everything you have done for London Business School. You transformed the institution and touched many lives along the way. The years spent working with you were a unique and incredibly special chapter in my professional life that I will continue to remember fondly. I wish you the very best for your next adventure.
Very best wishes, Sabine
Sabine Vinck
Andrew, it’s been a pleasure. We’ve known each other a long time but working closely together, as we did for the best part of five years, was a tremendously positive experience. You have been a fantastic Dean, we’ve been very lucky to have you and you richly deserve all the plaudits that will come your way. All the very best, Stephen
Stephen Schaefer
Being the Dean isn't easy! But we have seen a master at work - who throughout always retained his charm, accessibility, professionalism and sheer enthusiasm. I shall miss our occasional updates as I passed your office door - but it's good to know you will still be around the School in future. All the very best to you and Meira, Rob Goffee
Rob Goffee